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Krishnarajapuram Inscription


Krishnarajapuram Inscription,

This is the oldest existing Kannada inscription on a Veerakallu (hero stone) in the Bangalore region dated to about 750 CE. Very noticeable are the long-rectangular shaped characters of the Ganga period. In some six hundred years, these characters evolve into the artistic rounded characters of the Hoysala period. In recent times, this Veerakallu was not recognised for its real worth and was used to line a temple compound wall. It was painted over with the usual red & white temple livery, remnants of which are still visible. Constant exposure to intense heat from adjacent leaf litter fire caused the Veerakallu to break into pieces. The inscription part of the stone survived and has since been shifted to the Government Museum, Bangalore. The inscription reads: “When Sripurusha maharaja was ruling…Maryea…pierced and fell”

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