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My Home is Where i Live


The ANIMAL WORLD is where children's observations and reproductions can amaze us.

This installation has drawings of animals in their diffrerent habitats. as we talked about theri homes we could easily find 20 such places where they dwell on land, water and under the ground. besides the drawings we have included our work from the clay-studio and paper-art.

we live in HOUSES, big and small. animals like the deer and monkey live in FORESTS. birds and small animals live in TREES. some birds will make NESTS some like moles live UNDERGROUND, others like chameleons, UNDER LEAVES.

Scorpions live UNDER ROCKS. ants will make ANTHILLS. big animals like bears find CAVES. tiny insects like caterpillars make COCOONS, bees make BEEHIVES. bugs live in the GRASS. mice and snakes find HOLES. spiders make WEBS.

WATER BODIES have lots of life, like varieties of fish. frogs live in PONDS, crocs in the RIVERS. Beavers make LODGES. Whales live in the SEA. Crabs and turtles have SHELLS. all living creatures find shelter somewhere on this BIG BEAUTIFUL PLANET.

Artist Name : Sunflowerschool (ages 4-5 years)

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